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2015812104611717.jpgFujian Bicheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2010, is located in Chinese bamboo city - Fujian Zhenghe, Lin Tun Industrial Zone, the company covers an area of 30 mu, building area of 21 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 8 million, the total investment of 38 million yuan. Liu Fangping as chairman of the company. Companies within the administrative department, development department, production department, sales department, financial department, commerce department and other departments, with professional backbone of 35 people, including 10 college students, more than 180 employees, the existing office space of a 3200 square, three building a delivery room and warehouse of 13600 square meter, the company mainly produces bamboo crafts include: bamboo chopsticks, bamboo computer tables and stools for shoes, folding table, bookshelf, microwave oven, carving carved sofa, chair and other products, annual sales will reach 40 million.


We have 10 years of successful product development and sales experience, the company's brand "landlord" and "Bi Cheng" series of products, products sold in the domestic market and Europe and other countries, products through the United States FDA, SGS and Japan's food detection and juridical person detection, using wood materials, paint, printing and packaging materials are in line with the requirements of the food safety inspection.

Companies adhere to the people-oriented, product first, customer first for the purpose, thought everything will become, Bi Cheng, sincere cooperation, a total win future!



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